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 Imprint Standard

PL-1357 Standard Silk Screen on front Silk Screen

PMS Color Match

A PMS match cannot be guaranteed on stress relievers or non-white items, and is not available on VibraTecSM, digital labels or four-color process imprints. All standard inks are Prop 65 compliant.

Standard PMS Colors available at no extra charge. AVAILABLE IN COATED INK ONLY.

PMS matches are not guaranteed on non-white items and stress relievers. Matches are not available on Digital Labels or VibraTecSM imprints. Colors shown below are only for your reference. Actual PMS colors will vary from the catalog representations. PMS matches are indicative of how they appear on a white substrate and will change depending on the color of the item. Any color other than these listed would be utilized with the PMS Match choice below.

 Price: $0.45 Each  (g)

 Setup Charge:   $55.00 Each (g)

Pantone Yellow  (IC-Pantone Yellow )
Medium Yellow  (PMS 109 )
Dark Yellow  (PMS 1235 )
Orange  (PMS 021 )
Light Red  (Light Red )
Fire Red  (PMS 199 )
Burgundy  (PMS 202 )
Maroon  (PMS 208 )
Pink  (PMS 225 )
Purple  (PMS 267 )
Light Blue  (PMS 2925 )
Medium Blue  (PMS 287 )
Dark Blue  (PMS 281 )
Process Blue  (PRCSBLU )
Reflex Blue  (RFLXBLU )
Teal  (PMS 327 )
Pantone Green  (IC-Pantone Green )
Medium Green  (PMS 347 )
Dark Green  (PMS 343 )
Brown  (PMS 4635 )
Grey  (PMS 423 )
Silver  (PMS 877 )
Gold  (PMS 873 )
White  (IC-White )
Black  (IC-Black )
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PMS Matching  (PMS (30) )

 Setup Charge:   $30.00 per Color (G)